In the workshop I experienced a rare human being: a funny, passionate, engaging, joyous lecturer whose erudition is simply stunning. when I left the lecture I remember thinking, 'Tom makes me want to be a better human being.' - Jonathan Gustin

Tom is a scholar of extraordinary gifts and a wonderful speaker who carries his astonishing erudition lightly and elucidates the central place of the imagination in human consciousness. - Michael Lerner

He has such a generosity of Spirit and took care of the group so carefully with his presence and attention to detail. I felt so welcomed from the start and his integrity in engaging with the text and ‘live struggle’ with it has an authenticity that is beautiful! — Emma Lanham

Tom Cheetham’s class was a rich feast of the mysteries of the Creative Imagination week after week. I learned more than I could have imagined about the reflective mirror of the human and the divine, and how each transforms the other. Tom brings Henry Corbin to life like no one else can—prepare to be challenged! — Diane Croft

I kept getting a strange feeling that something was missing and I realized that it’s the anticipation I felt before class! The course was so good, his energy and enthusiasm never seemed to waver and after each session I was quietly buzzing with ideas. — Graham Reid

Nothing feels impersonal or technological about an On Line course with this abundantly learned teacher. The scholarly gods have been good to Tom Cheetham and they play through him with intellectual joy, spiritual ardor, and courageous irony. -Duncan Newcomer, author of “Quiet Fire, the Spiritual life of Abraham Lincoln.”